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Winter Glow Flowering Pear (Pyrus calleryana)

This is a deciduous (often referred to as semi deciduous or even evergreen) medium growing ornamental pear that holds leaves well into late winter. In temperate climates it can hold its leaves all the way through winter hence its representation in some places as an evergreen pear. Produces beautiful flame red foliage in autumn and white blossoms with a pink eye in early spring.

Maximum Height

10 Metres

Maximum Spread

5 Metres


Grows into an upright vase shaped tree.


Full Sun


Prefers a moist humus rich soil in a sunny position.

Ideas for Use

A great feature tree. Can also be used in parks and gardens.

This hardy ornamental deciduous tree grows up to 15m tall and 4m wide. Has spectacular orange and gold foliage throughout Autumn. Bears white flowers with a pink eye during Spring. Grows into an upright vase shaped tree this is great for streets and landscaping. Tolerate full sun and a wide range of soils.