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Western Sheoak (Allocasuarina fraseriana)

Western Sheoak (Allocasuarina fraseriana)

Allocasuarina fraseriana grows to a height of 5–15 m. Its branchlets are erect, up to 300 mm long, the leaves reduced to spreading, scale-like teeth 0.7–1.2 mm long, arranged in whorls of six to eight around the branchlets.


Flowering occurs from May to October.


This species of sheoak was first formally described in 1848 by Friedrich Anton Wilhelm Miquel, who gave it the name Casuarina fraseriana. It was reclassified in 1982 as Allocasuarina fraseriana by Lawrie Johnson.


Allocasuarina fraseriana grows in jarrah woodland and open forest in near-coastal regions between Perth and Albany, with a disjunct population between Moora and Jurien Bay, in the Jarrah Forest, Swan Coastal Plain and Warren bioregions of south-west Western Australia.