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Poplar Yunnan (Populus Yunnanensis)

Small to medium deciduous tree. Upright veined new growth, handsome olive green and red veined foliage with white undersides. Catkin flowers in Spring.

Maximum Height

15 metres

Maximum Spread

5-8 metres


Wide crown, large, dark-green leaves. Rust resistant. Attractive, fast-growing specimen or shade tree or for shelter.


Adaptable to a range of soil types but best in moist conditions in full sun. Drought and frost tender. To maintain growth and plant health summer watering is recommended to minimize stress. Regular watering from December to April is recommended on a needs basis, which will often mean weekly. These trees are relatively dry tolerant and if established properly can continue to grow with minimal irrigation.


Trees tend to be shallow rooted and best growth is achieved when the root zone of the tree is mulched with up to 75mm of composted organic material. This protects the roots from the sun and also retains soil moisture.

Ideas for Use

Excellent border tree or wind break.

Advise level of care

Easy Care