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Jacaranda (Jacaranda mimosifolia)

Jacaranda flower

This fast growing tree is an elegant specimen with green soft foliage turning to yellow in Winter before shedding. The flowers are purple, bell shaped and cover the canopy. The seed pods are very distinct fleshy curved green pods that eventually dry and open. It is an attractive open tree with branches upwardly ascending. A great summertime feature due it’s stunning purple flowers.

Maximum Height

10 Metres

Maximum Spread

8 Metres


Position: Full sun.


Choose the spot for your tree wisely. One piece of jacaranda tree information that many nurseries and catalogs don’t share is that when the flowers drop, they cover the ground in a thick layer and must be raked up before they decompose into slime. An afternoon with a rake will do the trick, but this is the reason so many jacarandas are planted as street trees, allowing most of the spent blooms to fall on the street instead of in the yard.

Ideas for Use

Makes a lovely shady feature tree or line a driveway or wide footpath for a grand effect.