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Desert Ash (Fraxinus Oxycarpa)


An attractive, hardy and large spreading tree with a moderate to fast growth rate. Consists of seven leaflets changing to various shades of yellow and gold in Autumn. Inconspicuous flowers appear in late Winter/early Spring when the tree is still leafless.

Maximum Height:

8-15 metres

Maximum Spread:

6-12 metres


A deciduous tree with a dense rounded crown and green canopy throughout Summer.


High tolerance of dry, hot Summers with low water demands. Will thrive on nutritious soils but tolerates any well-drained soils, including alkaline though performs best in moist, well-drained soils and in full sun.

Best Suited For:

Provides fabulous foliage display, suitable as a shade or specimen tree, adaptable in a range of locations in particular streetscapes and parkland due to its deep root system.


Mulch and water frequently particularly during dry seasons. Requires pruning to develop h3 structure, particularly during early years of development.

Advise level of care:

Easy Care