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Coastal Wattle (Acacia cyclops)

Coastal Wattle (Acacia cyclops)

Acacia cyclops, commonly known as coastal wattle or Red-eyed wattle is a coastal shrub or small tree in the family Fabaceae. Native to Australia, it is distributed along the west coast of Western Australia as far north as Leeman, and along the south coast into South Australia.


If sheltered from the wind, it tends to grow as a small tree typically to a height of 0.8 to 4 m. but can reach as high as 8 m. Both the common and species names refer to the appearance of the pods when first open in late spring. Each shiny black seed is encircled by a thick orange-red stalk, resembling a bloodshot eye.


Red-eyed wattle can be used to help stabilize coastal sands. It is found along coastal areas in the Mid-West, Wheatbelt, Peel, South West, Great Southern and Goldfields-Esperance region of Western Australia from Geraldton in the north, to Augusta in the south and east to the South Australian border. It is found in limestone areas and on and around sand dunes growing in sandy soils.