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Chinese Elm (Ulmus Parvifolia)

chinese elm

A newer introduced species, the Chinese Elm may be used as an impressive avenue tree or as a specimen in larger parks. It is highly tolerance to urban conditions and has excellent uniformity.

Maximum Height

13 metres

Maximum Spread

10 metres


Structurally upright when young, becoming ovate with age forming lustrous dark green foliage and a dense large crown providing good shade.


A very adaptable tree capable of growing well in a wide variety of sites. Performs best in moist, well drained soils, but will tolerate some dryness as well as wet sites.

Best Suited For

Elms are hardy and resistant to winds, many adverse conditions and tolerant of atmospheric pollution. Elms are best planted in Winter when dormant and are suitable for the cold to cool temperate regions of Australia.

Advise level of care

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