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Broad-Leaved Paperbark (Melaleuca viridiflora)

Broad-Leaved Paperbark flower

The broad-leaved paperbark is a smaller tree, standing normally between 5 and 10 metres high, can be found in the northern tropical parts of Australia along creek beds and swamps where there is usually lots of water.


The bark of this Myrtle variety is usually a grey or creamy colour which is paper like in touch. The leaves are wide (about twice as long as wide) and are a dull dark green colour.


Although the flowers can be sometimes a bright red colour, usually they are light green hue. Typically, the flower spikes are found at the end of the branches and most commonly in winter.


During the first voyage of Captain Cook in 1788, at the location that is now known as Cooktown, Daniel Solander first described this tree.